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The Artist

uncompromising-350.jpg… these are the qualities that set Kim Norlien’s paintings  apart from the field.  His award-winning  wildlife scenes invite viewers to peacefully gaze upon wildlife in their natural  state.  Equally captivating are his  nostalgic pieces, which capture the joy and simplicity of days gone by.


Each Norlien painting is painstakingly researched to ensure  that every detail – whether it be architecture, landscape, or wildlife – is  captured precisely as it would be found in Mother Nature’s domain.  Painting predominately in acrylics, Mr.  Norlien complements his technical detail with skillful interplay of light and  shadow.  The result is subtle, yet  powerful – vibrant, lifelike, compelling.

Kim Norlien was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and spent  his childhood summers up at the lake with his grandparents and extended family  in rural Minnesota.  Mr. Norlien’s  interest in art began after high school when he enrolled in the commercial art  program at Minneapolis Technical College.

1994 Minnesota State Fair

Poster by Kim Norlien

Following his graduation in 1977, Mr. Norlien spent eight  years working as a commercial artist for Honeywell, followed by nine years as a  commercial freelance illustrator.  Kim  Norlien’s work for national companies such as General Mills, Sam Goody, 3M,  Carlson Companies, and others, won him awards and national recognition and  further developed his skill and painting techniques.

The Norlien Family

Kim & Lori, Bryan & Christina, Andy, Rachel and Katie

Mr. Norlien’s passion for his art is only exceeded by his  faith in God and his love for his family and friends.  He has been married for twenty-nine years to  his high school sweetheart, Lori.  They have four adult children; Bryan, Andy, Rachel and Katie.